NADINE THOMAS  |  April 2017


I had such a huge expectation for the Anointed in Christ woman’s camp weekend. I just knew that God was going to touch me on a level that I have never experienced before. The Lord blew my mind! It was clear that the whole weekend was orchestrated by Him.


Zechariah 14:17 “And it shall be that whichever of the families of the earth do not come up to Jerusalem to worship the King, the Lord of hosts, on them there will be no rain.”  We praised and worshipped God in spirit and truth, and God came and touched each one of us, where we allowed Him to heal us. Worshipping God forms a ‘cloud’ in the sky and if the cloud is big enough the rain (the Holy Spirit) will fall.


The Lord freed me from something that had a hold on my life, something I hadn’t even known was there. He is faithful to complete the good work that He has started in me. I have always struggled to show emotion and during the Saturday evening the Lord released me from that: I cried and laughed in the presence of God! For a while I have struggled to pray and read my Bible, and God released me from the Python spirit that had a hold on my life. This spirit was slowly forcing the life out of me and God released me from it. All the glory to God! He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords!


PETRA HERBST  |  April 2017


Ek het ‘n oorweldige dankbaarheid in my hart teenoor die Here en ek wil dankie sê vir my Almagtige God: vir Sy wonderlike genade in my lewe.


My wandel saam met Jesus is finominaal! Die verandering in my siel en gees is onbeskryflik. Tydens die Anointed in Christ vrouekamp het Hy my verlos van soveel pyn en onsekerheid. Die diep vrede wat ek nou ervaar is wonderlik. Die Here het voorwaar ‘n afspraak met my gehad op hierdie kamp. Ek het konneksies gemaak met sussies in Jesus Christus en ek sal dit altyd koester. My lewe is veraltyd verander: hoe meer tyd ek nou saam met my Vader spandeer, hoe meer honger en dors ek na Hom. Dankie my Koning bo alle konings!


LORRAINE THOM |  April 2017


René’s teachings are next level. She has an amazing teaching gift that reveals the truth with appropriate examples in an easily understandable way. Her courses brought me to a place of accountability and deep encounters with God. She absolutely walks in Abba’s glory and with His authority.


THEO CASTELYN |  March 2017


The courses I have attended at YÂDÂH Ministries are powerful, relevant and life changing. The Word of God came to me every time, as a two-edged sword: piercing as far as the division of the soul and spirit and of both joints and marrow, exposing and mediating the very thoughts and intentions of my heart.


ADRI PIETERSE |  March 2017


Ek het onlangs die Anointed in Christ vrouekamp bygewoon. Wat ‘n spesiale en kosbare aangeleentheid! Die Here het my gees kom voed en my net nog meer honger gemaak vir wie Hy is. Hier het ek vrymaking beleef asook oorvloed in Hom – wat Hy telkens gedurende die naweek bevestig het. Dankie Pappa Vader, vir kosbare tyd in U teenwoordigheid. Dankie vir U getrouheid en dat U elke persoon as instrument gebruik het tydens hierdie kamp.


Charles Gent |  January 2016


René shared a concept I had not heard of: ministering directly to my spirit, my inner man. This is different than ministering to a person's soul. She explained that it is possible for the spirit to shut down or turn away. This usually occurs when something happened in your past, that hurt or wounded you. Something happened that caused me to close off my spirit and I was excited by the prospect of this new concept.


René prayed, blessed my spirit and committed the time to God. She asked me to turn my attention to the inside and focus on my spirit. I felt relaxed and at peace, but looking inside I felt nothing; no awareness of my spirit. About 20 years ago, I could spend many hours in prayer and in God’s word. This made me feel close to Him and set the benchmark for my spiritual life. I have since experienced many beatings from life, but I have always had a deep desire to be close to God. In my prayer time, I would ask the Lord to revive my heart and bring me close to Him again. My disappointment grew as there seemed to be no answer from God. I knew that the closeness I yearned for existed, but it seemed out of my reach and I stopped trying. My spirit turned away. I repented and asked God to forgive me for making this decision. The difference was profound! I could feel my spirit. I felt light, there was an expectation, a freedom and a sensitivity. I could also sense the presence of light. I could feel open communication and I could feel that there was life in my spirit. I felt God say: “I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am new every day. I am renewed for you today. The past is behind, it doesn’t affect the present. My mercy is new every morning.”






I could then also see other related hindrances, such as blaming and judging God, lies I told myself and lies I believed from the enemy. I repented and asked God’s forgiveness. My spirit became lighter as I prayed. I renounced the demonic forces and commanded them to leave. By this time, I felt so much freedom in my spirit, I knew that God was working.


“Open up the gates, lift up the doors, so that the King of Glory may come in,” was the scripture I heard. I understood that this meant opening the doors I had closed earlier in my life and opening the way for the King of Glory, Jesus, to come into my heart and spirit in a new way.


I now hear God’s voice and I have a deep sense of positivity about life – before I was sad and cynic. I can also feel a clear difference between my spirit and soul. When I first drove up to see René it was dark and foggy outside. Driving away the fog had lifted and the sun came bursting through – a symbol of what had happened to me on this day.


Ilze Scheepers  |  December 2016


This past year (2016) I was privileged to receive spiritual ministering administered by René Botha under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. What a phenomenal, rich and mind blowing experience! I have been a pauper spiritually and now through the love, grace and mercy of Jesus using His servant René I have been awakened to the sweetest freedom and growth in my relationship with Him.


The education and teachings presented by René so beautifully backup and support the spiritual ministering. The result is an astounding understanding and awareness of who I am spiritually in God’s great and almighty creation of and purpose for man. This awareness opened a sweet, rich, unparalleled and for me jet unknown dimension in my relationship with Jesus. Jesus set me free of sinful choices which were detrimental to any flowing of my spirit or being able to make an impact spiritually.


The courses and teachings enable you to also reach out to your fellowman to share the powerful knowledge of one’s spiritual potential, the necessity to unlock it and experience a relationship with God as He intended with creation. A powerful realization settles of the importance to lead a God focused life honouring Him and that it is all about Him and not about you! You are also taught and equipped to minister to other people as lead by the Holy Spirit.


I conclude with Psalm 16:11 “You show me the path of life; In Your presence is joy to satisfaction; At Your right hand are pleasures forever.”


Gerhard en Anetha Kemp |  December 2016


Die “Spirit Ministry” was 'n ontdekkingsreis in 'n semi-bekende wêreld in. Van die begrippe en toepassings was bekend, en sommige daarvan was vreemd. Ons het baie geleer en baie baat gevind daarby. René en haar span is toegewyd en bereid om die kerk van Christus toe te rus en te bemagtig. Dankie vir al die navorsing en die jare se ervaring wat so vrylik met ons gedeel is. Ons kan nie wag vir die volgende kursus nie!


melindi coetzee  |  Augustus 2016


Daar is 'n duidelike verbetering ten opsigte van die kommunikasiekanale tussen my en die Here na aanleiding van my maandelikse bedieningsessies, asook die voltooiing van die kursusse, 'Who am I spiritually?' en 'Ministering to the Spiritman'.


Aan die begin van die jaar het die Here aan my openbaar vir watter doel Hy my geskape het. Soos die jaar verloop het, is iets spesifiek aan my gewys ten opsigte hiervan. Dit het ‘n groot stap van vertroue van my verlang. Vir ‘n tydperk het ek daarmee geworstel, totdat ek die rede vir my ongehoorsaamheid besef het: ek het hierdie opdrag benader vanuit my eie kennis en krag, en nie uit afhanklikheid van God nie. Na aanleiding van hierdie openbaring het ek vir die Here gesê dat ek gehoorsaam sal wees, maar dat ek slegs daardie pad kan stap as Hy op ‘n wonderbaarlike wyse by my is, en my lei elke tree vorentoe. Die volgende dag gee die Here vir my twee skrifte in antwoord hierop:


1. “Am I God only when near – it is a declaration of Adonai – and not God when far off? Can anyone hide himself in places so secret that I will not see him? Do I not fill heaven and earth? It is a declaration of Adonai.” – Jeremiah 23: 24, 24 (TVL)


2. “Adonai is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth.” – Ps 145:8 (TVL)


Hierdie twee skrifte was Sy bevestiging aan my dat Hy altyd teenwoordig sal wees, en dat Hy altyd naby my sal bly, omdat Hy groot is en omdat Hy liefde is. Sederdien ervaar ek elke dag Sy teenwoordigheid en Sy nabyheid op ‘n baie besonderse wyse.








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